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5 Reason To Sell Your House This Winter

Considering Selling Your Home?

Here are 5 great reason to make your move now!

1. Your home will shine!

Lots of sellers will likely be holding off on selling until after the New Year; less homes on the market reduces competition and really allows your home to shine.

2. The law of Supply and Demand!

There are serious homebuyers still shopping for their dream home during the holidays. As inventory typically shrinks during this time of year, the limited supply could actually increase the sale price of your home.

3. Your home will show well!

There is something incredibly comforting and heartwarming about entering a decorated home during the holidays; and the decking of your halls, just may envoke, that "at home" feeling a potential buyer is looking for.

4. Holidays highlight buyers "WHY"!

This time of year, buyers will more likely to be hosting and/or attending gatherings, and this can be a powerful reminder, highlighting to them, the importance of having more space for loved ones - and the ability to personalize that space as they so desire.

I can recall, when my husband and I rented our first apartment, and our Landlord had told us that we had to remove our Christmas lights from our deck. When we asked why, we were told to refer back to our Lease Agreement.

5. The yearning to be a homeowner is not minimized or eliminated during the holidays!

In fact, it likely is quite the opposite for serious homebuyers shopping for their next home.

Making now a great time to make your move, if you’re ready to sell. Let’s connect to talk about all the benefits of selling your home this winter season.

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Making Your Next Move, Your Best Move!


Content by Nina Brown Alameda Realtor

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