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Whether this is your first time selling a home, or it's your tenth; having a professional real estate expert, like myself, to confidently guide throughout the process can be essential. Most people sell only a few homes in a lifetime, with usually quite a few years between purchases; so even if you’ve sold a home before, it is important to recognize that laws and regulations change.

As a seasoned listing agent, I have refined expertise in every aspect of the home selling process. I know what is required in our market, to help you avoid delays and costly mistakes and can guide you through your home sale and help you meet your objectives. My negotiation skills will help ensure that your best interest is protected. Always an advocate and trusted advisor, you can rest assured, know that I will work tirelessly as your dedicated partner. You can expect my full guidance from start-to-finish, helping you successfully achieve your goals.


We will have an initial seller consultation and discuss your unique situation and real estate goals, including understanding your motivation for selling, your ideal timeline and/or hard deadlines. We will review current trends in the market, discuss your property’s qualities, characteristics and condition, along with all relevant details and attributes of the property, including number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, acreage, etc.


I will research market trend data, analyze comparable property sales. assess the competition for your neighborhood and surrounding properties. I will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis and work with you to determine an aggressive pricing strategy, and outline a strategic plan to achieve the best possible result for you as a seller. We will create a communication plan and review our roles and responsibilities in the home selling process. We will complete a listing agreement.



I will investigate and understand the full history of the property including the property's tax information and open pre-escrow with a reputable and trusted Title Company.


I will assess the current condition of your property, which will include pre-inspections with the help of third party experts. Based on condition, I will provide advice for property improvements that are most likely to provide a significant return on value, such as painting, landscaping, remodeling and staging. We will review pricing strategies based on the homes current condition, versus improved condition and provide you access to my network of vendors as needed.


I will walk you through all documentation and forms that are required for the transaction.


I will strategize and create a comprehensive marketing plan and help prepare your property for sale; including commissioning a leading professional photographer, videographer and obtaining an illustrative floor plan. My dedicated marketing team and I, will create captivating digital and print marketing assets and a unique, stunning property website dedicated solely to your property.


An eye-catching property sign, with a dedicated personalized property website will be procured and placed outside your home. 

I will publish your listing to MLS and IDX as applicable, as well as to over 100+ third-party sites. For maximum exposure, I will develop and run intelligent, attractive and effective, print ads in relevant publications, and digital ads aimed to target all potential buyers.

Leveraging my robust database of professional contacts, I will strategically broadcast and expose your listing to thousands of agents, ensuring we are connecting your property to the ideal buyer brokers. 

I will plan and execute elevated open houses and showcase touring events for buyers and brokers.

I will ensure that all relevant disclosures and documents are compiled and accessible for potential buyers in a professional manner.



Together we will establish the best method and frequency of communicating as the process unfolds. I will stay in close communication with you to provide updates on your listings progress and key metrics. Additionally, I will create and share a "Collection" with you, where you will have real time access to market updates and activity (view all homes that are new to market, active, pending and sold in your neighborhood).

I will aggregate feedback from agents and buyers and conduct an assessment of the market response weekly.  I will closely monitor any changes in the market, and if needed, we will discuss and refine the listing strategy (revising price, terms, etc.) accordingly.




Before you receive any offers, we will review a California Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) together, getting you familiarized with the document, options, common buyer and seller negotiation points, and discuss marketplace "norms". This beforehand review, will make the negotiation process easier to navigate and less stressful.


Taking into consideration market activity, I will help you determine if you want to review offers as they are received, or set an offer date. I will carefully review and communicate any received offers to you.

I will guide you through the terms and help you analyze the pros and cons of each offer. Together we will decide how to respond to offers, in one of several ways: accepting, rejecting, or negotiating terms by executing counter-offers as needed. I will help you negotiate the most advantageous price and strongest terms to create a solid transaction that will close on time and mitigate any surprises or costly mistakes.

As required, I will liaise between you and the buyer’s agent for any additional counter-offers, advising you along the way on strategy. I will notify you when terms are agreed upon, and coordinate signatures of both parties for the final offer package and update the MLS listing status appropriately.


I will liaise and work diligently with the title company, the buyers lender and agent, along with any other vendors that may be necessary for the transaction. 

You will be provided a detailed outline of all seller and buyer timelines and/or responsibilities, agreed upon. I will monitor all timelines closely to ensure adherence and that you are in compliance with your responsibilities, while also holding the buyer’s side to task to keep the process moving forward. Such as overseeing that the buyers Earnest Money is deposited, appraisal occurs, contingencies, if applicable are removed, the home is de-staged, a final walkthrough is conducted and the lenders closing disclosures and final buyer funds are received in accordance to the purchase contract.

I will and update you regularly. Coordinate with the Title Company your signing appointment and notify you when the grant deed is recording and the sale is finalized.

Now, we celebrate a smooth and successful escrow. Congrats!



As your trusted real estate advisor, I extend to you my continued support. Whether you need to find a replacement property,  a vendor referral, or talk about future plans - I am always going to be here for you and your family. You can expect to hear from me, receive invites to special events and receive valuable information periodically. I like to say, I'm your real estate partner for life. 

It truly brings me great satisfaction, helping my clients create wealth through real estate. I am constantly humbled, honored and just overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity I have to guide and serve my clients through this important life event. 

Content by Nina Brown Alameda Realtor

Content by Real Estate with Nina Brown

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