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Collaborating with a Mortgage Lender


Choosing a mortgage lender is about so much more than just securing the lowest interest rate. I cannot emphasize the importance of vetting the lender and mortgage company you select. You will want to ensure that the lender that you collaborate with is reputable, knowledgeable in the local market and it's demands, is capable of fulfilling their obligations and will be dependable as we move through the process.


John Assily

Senior Loan Advisor 

Cross Country Mortgage


Lena Sazo

Mortgage Advisor  

Reverse Mortgage Specialist 


Sergio Szyrko

Senior Loan Officer

Fairway Independent Mortgage


Risha Kilaru

SVP of Mortgage Lending

Origin Point

chris ruiz_edited.jpg

Chris Ruiz

 Loan Officer

Supreme Lending


Tim Baltes

VP of Mortgage Lending

Origin Point


Ayata Colbert

VP of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate

The vendors included herein are provided for your information and reference only.  You are not obligated to use any or all of these service providers; you may elect to use other vendors. Their qualifications and charges for services may vary.   Neither Compass nor I have financial interest in these service providers. We are not compensated for including them in this list.


Be advised that these vendors have not been vetted with regard to insurance or licensing, as may be required by relevant regulatory agencies.


You should conduct your own research and satisfy yourself as to all vendor qualifications and fee structure.  Compass does not guarantee the performance, adequacy, or completeness of inspections, services, products, or repairs provided by any services providers.  Neither Compass nor I will hire any vendors on your behalf.


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