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  • Realtor®

  • Pricing Strategy Advisor®

  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist®

  • Certified Probate & Trust Specialist® 

  • American Frontline Certified®    Helping Heroes Into Homes

As a Bay Area native, I have extensive awareness of the cities and neighborhoods that comprise this region. I keep a thorough pulse on the market, extend my clients insider knowledge and a wealth of expertise when buying and selling real estate here. 

With over two decades of sales and marketing experience, I am an expert at balancing the art of sales with unparalleled customer service. I render refined communication and well-honed negotiation skills, enabling me to confidently present my clients and their goals in the absolute best light. 


I strive to empower my clients throughout the entire real estate process by delivering value, offering integrity, transparency, education, collaboration, and demystifying what can be a complex process. 


Always an advocate and advisor; as a client of mine, you can rest assured knowing that you have a dedicated partner who will work relentlessly on your behalf. 

Not just helping you achieve your goals, – but exceeding them! 


It truly brings me great satisfaction, helping my clients create wealth through real estate. I am constantly humbled, honored and overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to guide and serve my clients through this important life event. 


I love and am proud of the work I do! 


Who am I beyond real estate - I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, a mama of two, a daughter, sister, auntie, friend, a Believer and plant mom. I enjoy live music, reading, painting, traveling, and hiking throughout the Bay Area. I have a passion to grow in my faith and a calling to serve in my community.  Some of the ways I give back with every home sale.

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When the market is favoring the Seller, it may seem like a slam-dunk to sell a home. But there are so many ways things can go wrong for a seller who tries to represent themselves in selling a home.


The legal aspects of the contract alone are getting harder to navigate and seller’s need a professional that can review and negotiate a solid contract, protecting their interests. In this fast, ever changing market, using an Real Estate professional who understands the local market and its demands, is the best way to ensure you are getting top value for your home, assist with qualified buyers, and make sure your investment is represented properly and sold.


I have a ton of training! Buying a home requires lots of forms, reports, documents, disclosures, and other technical stuff. I can help you prepare an offer, advise you with contingencies, avoid costly mistakes, and delays in the process. As a licensed professional, I also have even more search power than you do, when it comes to

finding listings that fit your criteria.


I know how to negotiate. It’s my job to help you be successful in this market. Knowing what to negotiate on and how to go about it, is part of my skill set. I have a solid network of connections within the industry, including but not limited to Mortgage Brokers, Contractors, Home Inspectors, Stagers, Title & Escrow Officers, CPAs, Insurance Brokers and Real Estate Attorneys.


When buying or selling real estate, you should have someone that is representing your interests. After all, buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make.

Content by Nina Brown Alameda Realtor

Content by Real Estate with Nina Brown

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